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Beagle Samoyed

Beagle Samoyed mixed breed dog
Beagle Samoyed mixed breed dog
Beagle Samoyed mixed breed dog
Beagle Samoyed mixed breed dog
    size of Angel beagle samoyed mixed breed dog
group: mixed breed height: 21"
weight: 50 lbs
name: Angel sex: female
colors: rust-liver-fawn-off white; rust and liver filled circle on her loin and a smaller fawn/rust coloured spot at the base of her tail. she has a fawn covered face mixed with off white. fawn coloured ears.
physical traits: mesocephalic. floppy ears. extra furry withers. not extremely muscular but very strong. very fast. good sniffer.
breed mixes: Beagle (father) Samoyed (mother)
hair type: long and cottony. very oily. has an odor. most likely a trait from the beagle.
sweet and loving. very attached to the father of the family. great with kids. almost makes a paternal bond with them. doesn't mind cats too much, yields to them actually. loves to rough house and pretend fight. doesn't bark unless you are taunting her or she is excited for her master. in her younger years she was excited, chipper, bouncy and up and down all the time. loved to tackle and play. a joyful spirit. in her older years she became depressed. slept all day. avoided people. forgot the excitement between her owners and family.
special needs:
little maintance is needed in the younger years. she is very aware and makes it known when she has to go to the restroom. she usually doesn't run away. when she became old, she became blind and deaf and weak. she would go to the restroom on the floor alot, and would vomit everything you gave her unless it was dog food. ALOT of maintenance is needed for her old age. fresh water every day. she drinks alot.*might have diabetes* needs a soft place to stay. special needs: in her young years she needed love and attention, a
playmate whether it was human or animal. loved kids. needed lots of adventure, like a hike in the woods or going on a walk. now that she is older she needs fresh water every day. she has to be gaited from going
into other parts of the house because she peeps or deficates. as she grew to about 12 she became blind. we do not know if this was due to a chemical or the fact she was beagle, for beagles are known to fall into
blindness with old age. her hearing has left her now. we just recently
discovered she has Canine Vestibular Syndrome. due to her being blind
it is hard to say she shall recover at all.
Gawa. Pooch. Oinker. A Banana. Doedj *doe-jeh but with a heavy g sound at j*
identifying traits: looks yellow against the snow. her fawn spots. her brown spot on her loin, aka her solar panel.
birthday (if known): January 29th
favorite friends: family. Rocky her old mate which was a beagle as well. my father.
favorite activities: going for walks. playing in the woods. loves to play Go Fetch with any toy possible. hunting. she is afraid of guns however.
favorite foods: pork. ham. jerky. eggs and bacon. kibble *her dog food* cake.
favorite attire: we used to have a football t-shirt for her, that she hated! we keep it to a beaded collar now.
good with kids? excellent
was this dog rescued? adopted from my fathers friend. she lived in the rocky mountain area.
Beagle Samoyed mixed breed dog
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