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Rottweiler Labrador Retriever

rottweiler labrador retriever
rottweiler labrador retriever
rottweiler labrador retriever
rottweiler labrador retriever
group: mixed breed
height: 32" /81.28 cm

weight: 140 lbs / 63.50 kg
size of a rottweiler labrador retriever mixed breed dog
name: Roman sex: m
colors: Black, Grey from Aging
physical traits: Large, Rottweiler-Type Build
breed mixes: Rottweiler / Labrador Retriever
hair type: Short, Water-Resistant, Coarse
Very Sweet, Loving, and rather laid back. He wants nothing more than to please his people, and though he's not the smartest dog out there, he's extremely obedient and patient with tricks. He's easily excited when he sees people coming to pet him, and wouldn't mind being around people all day who give him some love and attention. He ignores cats and waterfowl, is scared of reptiles, and loves to meet other dogs (especially small ones), however, he loves to bark at and chase squirrels and has never been around small mammals other than cats and dogs. He'll bark when someone comes near the house, staying true to his Rottweiler heritage, but as soon as the person comes down he'll greet them with a wagging tail.
special needs:
Epileptic (can't get too excited or hot, or he'll fall over, sometimes whine in pain or soil himself). Prone to ear infections, arthritis in one leg (pinched by a car).
Romers, Ro-man, Puppy, Rome, Pony, Puppers
identifying traits: Large, w/ greying muzzle, underbelly and tail tip
birthday (if known): Feb. 2000
favorite friends: Family friends, any dogs who come over
favorite activities: Swimming, "diving" for rocks, going for boat rides, going on walks, fetching things in the water, meeting other dogs, eating
favorite foods: Any human food he can get his mouth on (with the exception of lettuce), rawhide treats, any Kibble given to him
favorite attire: All Natural
good with kids? Very, though he has the tendency to lean and step on toes.
was this dog rescued? This dog, as well as his whole litter, was a result of an accidental breeding with my friend's rottweiler with a free-roaming Labrador. He wasn’t rescued from a shelter, nor was he purchased from a breeder. Though I love my dog, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to spay and neuter your pets. This family got lucky that local people wanted dogs, but still had to go to great lengths to find homes for the entire litter, especially since they were a mixed breed. It was sheer luck that none of these puppies ended up in the shelter. However, puppies every day are euthanized in shelters simply because there are too many of them; all because someone couldn't take the time to get their dog spayed/neutered. Spaying and neutering your dog helps them from getting certain health problems, such as horrible infections for females when they've gone into heat, and can help solve behavioral problems. Not to mention it keeps surprise litters from happening, and thus keeps more dogs out of shelters and instead, in our loving homes.
rottweiler labrador retriever
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