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Cirneco dell'Etna

cirneco dell'etna dog photo
cirneco dell'etna dog photo
cirneco dell'etna dog photo
cirneco dell'etna dog photo
cirneco dell'etna dog photo
    height of a cirneco dell' etna
group: primitive / hound (sighthound) height: m 18-20.5", 46 to 52 cm,
f 16.5-20", 42 to 50 cm
types: weight: m 22-26 lbs, 10 to 12 kg, f 17.5-22 lbs, 8 to 10 kg
colors: variations of fawn (such as isabella, sable), some with white blaze on the head, mark on chest, feet, tip of tail, belly, white collar. white or white with orange patches
physical traits: medium, elegant, slender, robust, strong resembles small Pharaoh or Ibizan Hounds
hair type: short. smooth on head, ears and legs, semi-long (about 1", 3 cm) but sleek and close lying on body and tail, hair straight, stiff and coarse
friendly, gentle, affectionate, active, intelligent, loyal to those close to them, demands attention, reserved with other dogs, gets along well with own breed. some can be overly shy, aggressive
special needs:

low grooming, plenty of exercise, easy to train if consistency is applied, strong hunting drive may cause them to run off to chase game. tall fence as they can jump very high
nickname: Sicilian Greyhound
origination: Sicily, Italy
bred for: hunting wild rabbits, hare, feathered game, sight, scent, sound hunter
identifying traits: resembles small Pharaoh or Ibizan Hounds
ideal for: quiet hunter of small game. family, this breed should not be kenneled they need to be with their family, can not tolerate cold weather
good with kids? yes, if mutual respect is established
life expectancy: 12-14 yrs  
of interest: resembles breed of dog on Sicilian coins and engravings before the time of Christ, named after the volcano Mount Etna
health concerns:  
kennel clubs: fci-(spitz and primitive dog group, primitive type hunting dog), arba-(hound dog breed group)
rescues: n/a  
cirneco dell'etna dog photo
cirneco dell'etna dog photo
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