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Ibizan Hound

Ibizan Hound dog
Ibizan Hound dog
Ibizan Hound dog
Ibizan Hound dog
what a ibizan hound looks like
    height of an ibizan hound
group: primitive
/ hound
height: m 23-28", 58.4-71.1 cm
f 22-26", 55.9-66 cm
types: weight: m 50 lbs, 22.67 kg
f 45 lbs, 20.41 kg
colors: white, fawn, fawn/white, red, red/white
physical traits: thin, sleek, deerlike elegance, agile, good jumpers, clean appearance, amber eyes, flesh colored nose
hair type: short or wired, hard
tidy, catlike, clownish, friendly, loyal, calm, brave, vigilant, affectionate, even-tempered, quick, energetic, alert, independent, eager to learn, easy to train, tireless, wary with strangers
special needs:

need exercise, tall fences at least 6ft., space, loud noises are painful to sensitive ears, socialize with other pets early
nicknames: Balearic Dog, Ca Eibisenc, Podenco Ibicenco
origination: Balearic Islands, Spain
country of origin standard
bred for: hunting rabbits, sight/scent/sound hunting
identifying traits:  
ideal for: family, companion, country living, hunting, retrieving, gundog, watchdog
good with kids? yes
life expectancy: 12 years  
kennel clubs: fci-(primitive type hunting dog group), akc, saku, ankc, uk, nzkc-(hound dog group), ukc-(sighthound/pariah dog group), ckc
rescues: n/a  
Ibizan Hound dog
Ibizan Hound dog
Ibizan Hound dog
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