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Pharaoh Hound

pharaoh hound dog
    height of a pharaoh hound
group: primitive
/ hound / sighthound
height: m 22-25" / 55.9-63.5 cm
f 21-24" / 53.3-61 cm

weight: 35-55 lbs /
15.87-24.9 kg

colors: chestnut, tan, deep tan with white markings,
physical traits: thin, sleek body, swift, keen eyesight, acute hearing, good sense of smell, amber-colored eyes, clean appearance, elegant
hair type: short, glossy, smooth
intelligent, alert, fun-loving, affectionate, playful, loving, observant, wary of strangers on initial meeting
special needs:

little grooming, needs space, exercise, needs companionship, easy to train
origination: Ancient Egypt then Malta
bred for: hunting, watchdog
identifying traits:  
ideal for: family, companion, country living, hunting
good with kids? yes and no. good with children it is familiar with but not with children it doesn't know and always supervise because of size
life expectancy: 12-14 yrs  
of interest: hunts by scent and sight
kennel clubs: akc, saku, ankc, uk, nzkc-(hound dog group), fci-(primitive type dog group), ukc-(sighthound/pariah dog group), ckc
rescues: n/a  
pharaoh hound dog
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