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Portuguese Podengo

shorthaired portuguese podengo grande dog
shorthaired grande

wirehaired portugese podengo pequeno dog
wire haired pequeno
photo of portuguese podengo pequeno dog
portuguese podengo pequeno shorthaired
group: primitive / hound /sighthound
height: large 21-27" /
55-70 cm,
medium 15.5-21.5" /
40-55 cm
small 7.5-11.5" / 20-30 cm
height of a  portugese podengo grande dog
height of a  portugese podengo medio dog
medium (medio)
height of a  portugese podengo pequeno dog
small (pequeno)
weight: large: 66 lbs / 29.94 kg, medium: 35-44 lbs / 16-20 kg, small: 8.5-11 lbs / 4-5 kg
types: large, medium, small, shorthaired, wirehaired
colors: black, yellow, fawn, tan, solid or marked with white
physical traits: swift, light-footed
hair type: wirehaired, short haired
lively, intelligent, clever, friendly, unassuming, robust, hardy, adaptable
special needs:

exercise, consistent, firm but fair owner/trainer, likes to dig and barks very loudly
nicknames: Portuguese Warren Hound, Podengo Português, Large, Medium and Small Portuguese Hound
origination: Portugal, possibly from the Ibizan Hound and the Iberian Wolf, possibly traced back to northern Africa
bred for: large- deer and rabbit/hare hunting; medium- hunting rabbit/hare; small-ratting, game flushing
identifying traits:  
ideal for: warmer weather, companionship, rabbit/hare hunting, ratting, watchdog, lure coursing, agility
good with kids? when mutual respect is established
life expectancy: 12-14 yrs  
of interest:  
kennel clubs: fci-(primitive type hunting dog group), arba-(hound dog group), ukc-(sighthound/pariah dog group)
rescues: n/a  
shorthaired portuguese podengo grande dog
short haired grande Portuguese Podengo

wirehaired portuguese podengo pequeno dog
wire haired pequeno Portuguese Podengo
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