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Canaan Dog

    height of a canaan dog
group: primitive
height: m 20-24" / 50.8-61 cm,
f 19-23" / 48.3-58.4 cm
types: weight: m 45-55 lbs / 20.41-24.9 kg, f 35-45 lbs / 15.87-20.41 kg
colors: sandy, white (usually with black mask), brown, black
physical traits: strong
hair type: double coat: outer-short (1/2-1-1/2"), straight and harsh. under-straight, short, soft
independent, alert, vigilant, inquisitive, loyal, loving, devoted, docile with family, vocal, reserved and aloof with strangers, obedient, resourceful, versatile, territorial. some can be shy, have dominance hierarchy issues
special needs:

low, firm but kind discipline early
origination: Israel
bred for: herd/flock guard, guard dog, scavenger, pariah
identifying traits:  
ideal for: family, companion, herding, guarding, tracking, search and rescue, watchdog
good with kids? yes
life expectancy: 12-13 yrs  
kennel clubs: fci-(primitive type dog group), akc, ukc (sighthound/pariah dog group), saku (utility dog group), ankc (nonsporting dog group)
rescues: n/a  
Canaan Dog
Canaan Dog
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