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Thai Ridgeback

thai ridgeback dog
Thai Ridgeback
thai ridgeback dog
    height of a thai ridgebackhound
group: primitive
/ hound /sighthound
height: 22-26", 55.88-66.04 cm

weight: 51-75 lbs,
23.13-34.01 kg
colors: black, blue, silver, light chestnut red, fawn/blue, red/orange
physical traits: powerful, athletic, well muscled
hair type: short, smooth
fierce, proud, tough, active, agile, lively, intelligent, vigilant, good climber and jumper, mind of its own, tough, active, defensive, wary of strangers. some can be aggressive, shy
special needs:

low grooming, socialize early, little shedding, patient consistent training, not good with other pets unless raised together, fence-good jumper
nicknames: Mah Thai Lang Aan, 'Royal Dog of Thailand'
origination: Thailand
bred for: hunting, guarding, tracking, watchdog, accompany carts
identifying traits: ridge of hair growing in opposite direction down length of spine
ideal for: companion, guarding
good with kids? no
life expectancy: 12-15 yrs  
of interest: ridge of hair grows backward down middle of back, several types of ridges, developed in relative isolation, variety of ridge types
kennel clubs: fci-(Primitive Type Hunting Dog group), ukc-(sighthound/pariah dog group), arba-(provisional)

Association of Thai Ridgeback
Owners & Fanciers

thai ridgeback dog
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